Ageless Beauty Rx is a holistic medical spa in Vancouver, Washington, dedicated to designing personalized treatment plans that create radiant, healthy, lasting beauty for women of all ages. The medical and aesthetic experts at Ageless Beauty Rx take individualized treatments to the next level by using state-of-the-art skin-imaging equipment to measure and analyze each client’s pore size, wrinkle depth, presence of redness or rosacea, texture, acne, extent of skin damage, and other parameters of skin health and stress.

Though the Ageless Beauty Rx team offers the latest noninvasive, science-based technologies to treat and reverse visible conditions — including acne, rosacea, and skin aging — their whole-body approach to beauty begins on the inside. Because they know that skin quality reflects a client’s overall health, they offer cell-supporting nutrition and health-coaching to build beautiful skin by increasing overall wellness.

Depending on their clients’ needs, Ageless Beauty Rx offers a customized skin care prescription that includes bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT), nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes. The team at Ageless Beauty Rx also prompts the skin to produce healthy, strengthening collagen through beauty treatments like microneedling, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, and light treatments (JOOV®, Celluma®, and LightStim®), customized chemical peels, and enzyme treatments.

Unlike some other med spas, which treat facial, neck, and décolletage skin only, the experts at Ageless Beauty Rx understand that skin is a single, continuous organ. They provide full-body microdermabrasion treatments and Danné Montague-King® (DMK) enzyme therapies and skin care to strengthen, tighten, and improve skin health from head to toe. Using novel therapies such as NeurotriS™ microcurrent, they sculpt and tone body shape without heat, freezing, or downtime.

To learn more, book a consultation at Ageless Beauty Rx today. Call the friendly staff or use the online form.