Balancing Hormones & Intro into Bio-Identical Hormones

The key to understanding how and why we age is hormones. Hormone levels peak in our twenties and begin to decline gradually after the age of 30, with most noticeable changes occurring during peri-menopause when levels fluctuate irregularly, and in menopause when our body nearly shuts down from producing some hormones at all. ​


When we are unbalanced or deficient in hormones, we begin to age. Our skin, hair, and nails change. Weight seems to come on more rapidly and leave much more slowly, our energy suffers, and we may lose much of our once vibrant vitality.


​How do we bring ourselves back to balance, or restore what we have lost? Hormone replacement therapy, and specifically, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy comes in a variety of types such as doses and applications.


Bio-identical hormones are as natural as a person can have, as they are identical to the hormones the body naturally produces. Using synthetic hormones that are not bio-identical are similar to human hormones, but can exhibit activity that is not natural and potentially harmful in our bodies.


Bio-identical hormones work in symphonic harmony to bring the body into optimal health, and reduce the symptoms associated with aging. These include: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, thyroid, oxytocin, and pregnenolone.


Aging doesn't have to be a downward spiral. Replacing and balancing the body’s hormones brings the body back into alignment and allows the aging body to restore itself to optimal wellness.


To explore if bio-identical hormones may be right for you, call Ageless Beauty Rx at (360) 597-2688 to schedule a Health and Hormone Consultation with Dr. Elysia Harrsch, a bio-identical hormone specialist.

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