Health & Hormone Consultation at Ageless Beauty Rx

Have you ever wondered if your health issues were due to a thyroid issue?  The thyroid gland in many ways has been considered the Conductor in our symphony of hormones.  There isn’t a biological system that the thyroid doesn’t effect!  That’s why the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are so diverse.  Symptoms of hair loss, depression, dry skin, difficulty with weight loss, insomnia, constipation, menstrual irregularities, difficulty with focus and memory, in addition to many more.  If you feel like you suffer from any of these, further investigation into potential thyroid issues is warranted.  It’s also important that ALL of your thyroid hormones are tested, and not just TSH, which only tells part of the story.  Here at Ageless Beauty Rx, our hormone expert, Dr. Elysia Harrsch, specializes in understanding the complexity of thyroid dysfunction and how much it impacts your ability to feel optimal and like your best self.  Contact us today to schedule a Health and Hormone Consultation, and start your journey to ideal health!

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