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Margo Anderson, RDN, CD doesn’t believe in the Yo-yo diets that are not sustainable and are miserable to be on.  She believes that eating whole, tasty, and nutritious foods is the way to find that natural happy weight your body is craving to be at.  There are many issues that are behind unwanted weight gain, such as un-balanced hormones, emotional stress factors or even medications.  She will work with you to target those obstacles and supply you with tools to regain your health and natural beauty.




Our customized and effective medical weight loss program will fit your lifestyle along with results you will cherish! You will receive a customized weight loss program as well as outstanding medical care that includes personal counseling from a Registered Dietician who has your very best interest in mind. We will monitor your progress and make on-going adjustments to achieve your short and long term goals while providing you with the most desirable outcomes.


Includes initial visit (approx. 75 minutes) and 12 follow ups (up to 45 minutes each) plus meal planning.

Margo Anderson, RDN,CD is here to work with you to reach your goals and help you sustain them throughout life.  During your one-on-one visits, she will discuss your history of weight loss, what you eat, what are your triggers for eating and what goals you want to set. You can discuss any events that might be concerning to you, so both of you can tackle them together. She will provide tools, tips, accountability, and motivation to help you reach your goals.  Margo’s focus is on whole foods that are tasty, nutritious and easy to find at any grocery store. If you are nervous about eating out, she will help you with some simple ideas to aid you in your decisions.  You will feel in control, because you will be adopting healthy eating behaviors that will be with you for the rest of your life.


We offer group nutrition classes on a variety of subjects on nutrition.  If interested, please sign up by contacting