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Celebrities’ glowing skin and long, lush eyelashes aren’t due solely to good genes and good luck: They receive customized beauty and skin care treatments that optimize their health from the inside out. Now, you can get that same level of individualized beauty care from the master estheticians at Ageless Beauty Rx in Vancouver, Washington. From Yumi lash lifts to customized Danné Montague-King® (DMK) skin care and NeurotriS™ microcurrent facial sculpting, they optimize and enhance your unique beauty. Contact the helpful and knowledgeable Ageless Beauty Rx team by phone or use the online form to set up your consultation and individualized beauty treatments.

Beauty Treatments Q&A

What are beauty treatments?

At Ageless Beauty Rx, beauty treatments don’t just improve your superficial appearance. They work with your body’s cell-replenishing processes to create a deeper and more lasting beauty from the inside out and the outside in, they hit it on both sides! 

Rather than pumping your body with foreign chemicals and toxins to make you appear beautiful and younger, they achieve the same results if not greater by supporting your body’s complex biological system with what it needs. This is what your body craves. 

The experts at Ageless Beauty Rx analyze your skin type, tone, and quality, and then custom designs treatment plans on your unique needs, skin type, and aesthetic issues to achieve your goals. They have put together the best-in-class equipment, technology, and skin and body products.

What kinds of beauty treatments can I get?

The team at Ageless Beauty Rx offers head-to-toe noninvasive treatments. You can improve everything from your skin quality, muscle tone, collagen, body shape, intracellular energy to eyelash length with cutting-edge treatments such as:

Yumi lash lift and tint

An all-natural, keratin Yumi lash lift uses no glue or other chemical ingredients to create fuller, more uplifted lashes that last from 8-14 weeks. Combine with lash growth serums and nourishing keratin for optimal effects. Short lashes benefit from a 4-6 week course of Hawrych MD™ eyelash extension serum, followed by a Yumi lift and tint.

Advanced acne treatments 

A DMK 12-week advanced acne treatment decongests your skin of the dead cells, excess pigmentation, and debris that form acne lesions. The treatment also increases circulation, lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, and moisture retention to improve overall skin health.

After each treatment, you receive light therapy to destroy P. acne bacteria, stimulate collagen and increase elastin production to keep your skin healthy and acne-free.

Skin renewal treatments

Your skin must slough off old, dead cells to reveal the vibrant new skin underneath. Ageless Beauty Rx offers a full-range of exfoliating and skin-renewal treatments, including:

  • European facial
  • DMK skin care and enzyme treatments (e.g., muscle banding, skin brightening, prozyme facial)
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical peels (e.g., DMK, 2B® Bio Peel, VI Peel)
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Dermaplaning
  • Oxygen facial

Your individualized treatment plan will precisely layout weekly, monthly and quarterly skin-renewal treatments for healthy cell turnover and glowing skin.

Anti-aging treatments

The hallmarks of skin aging, such as wrinkles and sagging, are no longer inevitable or irreversible. Skin aging is a sign of underlying damage to the skin that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, nutritional deficiencies, or a hormonal imbalance may cause. 

One has wrinkles and sagging skin because of the lack of collagen and muscle strength. Both are naturally reversible with the cutting-edge equipment and technology at Ageless Beauty Rx, without scalpels, fillers and toxins.  

The experts at Ageless Beauty Rx may recommend in your personalized treatment plan treatments to stimulate your skin’s collagen production and remodeling capabilities with cutting-edge therapies such as:

  • Microneedling (collagen induction therapy)
  • Dermaplaning
  • Microdermabrasion
  • DMK muscle banding
  • DMK enzyme therapy
  • DMK liquid laser
  • DMK melanosome hyperpigmentation treatment
  • DMK aesthetic facelift or instant lift
  • NeurotriS™ facial sculpting

The Ageless Beauty team may also refer you to the Ageless Beauty Rx Naturopathic Physician/Doctor for nutritional supplements.

Can I get at-home beauty treatments, too?

Beautiful skin requires daily maintenance, good nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices. That’s why Ageless Beauty Rx prescribes a customized skin care regimen that helps you keep your skin hydrated and healthy in-between spa visits.

Your beauty is truly a partnership between Ageless Beauty Rx (their expertise and spa treatments and yourself following your individual home-care program.) If either is missing, the results won’t be maximized to reach your goals. 

For beauty treatments that are exactly right for you, contact Ageless Beauty Rx by phone or use the online form.

Beauty Treatments

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