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If you’d like to look and feel fit and healthy, you need to ensure that every cell in your body is getting the optimum nutrition it needs to produce energy and function at its peak. At Ageless Beauty Rx in Vancouver, Washington, registered dietitian Margo Anderson, RDN, CD, helps you find the right foods and nutritional supplements that feed your body and soul so you can achieve a healthy, beautiful physique. For a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan, contact Ageless Beauty Rx for a nutrition consultation by calling or using the online form.

Diet & Nutrition Consultation Q & A

What is a nutrition consultation?

At Ageless Beauty Rx, Margo asks you comprehensive questions about your current diet, lifestyle choices, and activity level. She also listens as you describe any physical or emotional symptoms you have, as well as your weight loss or other goals.

Margo’s initial consultation takes about 75 minutes. She then provides 12 follow-up visits of up to 45 minutes each. Plus, she helps you plan meals for up to six months.

How is a nutrition consultation different from dieting?

Margo doesn’t believe in yo-yo diets that force your body into starvation mode. If you restrict calories, you may lose weight over the short term, but once you add in calories again, your body stores them instead of burning them because it’s afraid of facing another starvation period.

Nutrition counseling isn’t a diet. It’s a completely new way to approach food so that it sustains you physically and emotionally. By enhancing your body’s functions with good nutrition, you not only lose weight, but you also keep it off, and you feel and look better, too.

Why do I need a nutrition consultation?

With so much information about the “perfect” way to eat on the internet today, you may be confused about what foods are healthy and which are not. 

Margo helps you find whole nutritious foods that work with your body and that you find delicious and appealing. She helps you identify emotional triggers that may lead you to reach for unhealthy foods, and works with you to develop alternative behaviors.

You may also have gained weight because your hormones are unbalanced. If Margo suspects problems with your thyroid or hormones, she may refer you to Elysia J.B. Harrsch, ND, the Naturopathic doctor/physician at Ageless Beauty Rx, for blood testing and hormonal balancing.

Finally, nutrition consultation isn’t a one-time thing. You get the nutritional and medical support you need to achieve and maintain your weight loss. You can choose one-on-one coaching or group coaching.

Do I have to order special foods after my nutrition counseling?

At your consultation and throughout your nutrition planning, Margo recommends whole foods that are readily available in the grocery store, so you can prepare wholesome, delicious meals. She also gives you tips about how to eat healthily in restaurants. 

To make up for any nutritional deficiencies you have and speed up fat loss, Margo may work with Dr. Harrsch to recommend:

  • Intravenous (IV) nutrient infusion therapy
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • B-12 vitamin injections
  • LipoLean injections
  • LipoB injections

Get the nutritional, medical, and emotional support you need to achieve and maintain the healthy figure you deserve by calling Ageless Beauty Rx for a nutrition consultation or use the online form.