The Beauty of Sugaring

Self-care doesn’t have to be so painful. One of the biggest drawbacks to traditional waxing is the well-known pain associated with having hot wax ripped off your body. While waxing and sugaring are forms of hair removal, the differences are vast. With sugaring, the room temperature or warm sugaring paste is visually similar to a very thick honey. It is applied to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth, and then flicked off the skin in the direction of growth, naturally leading to less breakage and ingrown hair than waxing.

The removal of sugar paste removes hair and dead skin cells and leaves the skin with very little irritation compared to waxing. More and more women are discovering the advantages of sugaring every day as they switch from waxing to sugaring. Body sugaring is a method of hair removal that originated in ancient Egypt around 1900 B.C. It is believed that they made their paste out of a honey mixture, known as sukkar in the Middle East and in Egypt. It is rumored that Cleopatra herself used sugaring as her hair removal method.

We believe that once you try sugaring for yourself, you’ll never go back to waxing. Our sugar paste is 100% organic, and the ingredients are sugar, lemon juice, and water. Our sugaring practitioner, in addition to being experienced and certified in the art and science of sugaring, is also a licensed esthetician. Sugaring can remove hair with finesse and ease in those intricate and intimate areas as it gently exfoliates dead skin cells for a smooth effect that will leave your skin looking and feeling smooth, soft, and luxurious.