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Chronic pain can be very hard to treat.  Often, we think of massage as our first line of treatment for chronically sore and tight muscles.  But, sometimes this isn't enough to heal.  With chronic pain, overuse, or past injury our bodies can form trigger points which are specific spots in our muscles that are even more taut and hyperirritable than surround muscle, and can cause intense pain that can also refer to distant areas.  Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, also known as " Trigger Point Therapy ", refers to the treatment of myofascial trigger points (MTrP) or 'trigger points' (TrP) that are found in muscles and fascia. Myofascial trigger points are painful, tense areas that are found in muscles. MTrPs affect muscles and fascia. With the use of trigger point injections, Dr. Harrsch is able to find these areas and allow the entire muscle area to relax and breaks the cycle of muscle spasm and pain.

Trigger Point Injection Therapy Q & A

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