Yumi Foot Treatment Specialist

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Treat your feet with an amazing Yumi Foot Treatment and foot massage. This specialized treatment is direct from France and designed specifically to get rid of rough, dry, hard, calloused feet and provide immediate results. Our feet and hands take a lot of abuse during the course of day. For the most part we take care of our hands with washing, scrubbing and the occasional lotion application.  However, our feet seem to be more neglected and when they show these signs, it’s time for a foot treatment. Think of it as a chemical peel for your feet. It removes rough, dry skin and hard calluses in a painless, safe way. Your skin grows back softer and smoother with each Yumi Foot Treatment. After a Yumi Foot treatment, you will leave with baby soft feet.

Yumi Foot Treatment

Yumi Foot Treatment coming soon!