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Is there a part of your body you can’t seem to tone no matter what you do? Are you looking for a non-surgical alternative to a facelift that can tighten and lift? The Ageless Beauty Rx team in Vancouver, Washington, offers state-of-the-art face and body sculpting that shrinks fat cells and improves body tone and help you look and feel younger. To schedule a consultation to learn more about face and body sculpting using microcurrent therapy, call or book online today.

Face & Body Sculpting Q&A

What is face and body sculpting?

Ageless Beauty Rx uses the state-of-the-art NeurotriS system for face and body sculpting. Unlike other noninvasive body contouring systems, NeurotriS doesn’t destroy fat cells by melting or freezing them. 

Instead, the advanced face and body sculpting system uses microcurrent therapy to dramatically shrink your fat cells, build muscle tone, and tighten your skin to restore a healthy, youthful look and improve body shape and tone.

Am I a good candidate for face sculpting?

Anyone looking for an alternative to surgery to restore a more youthful look is a good candidate for face sculpting at Ageless Beauty Rx. The state-of-the-art beauty tool lifts, tones, strengthens, sculpts, and defines the muscles in your face to give you a more natural, youthful appearance. 

As you age, your facial muscles atrophy and your skin sags. With microcurrent therapy, the master estheticians at Ageless Beauty Rx:

  • Strengthen, lift, sculpt, and tone your facial muscles
  • Tighten and define your jawline
  • Increase cellular energy
  • Stimulate collagen production 

If you’re searching for a noninvasive anti-aging skin firming treatment, contact Ageless Beauty Rx for a NeurotriS consultation.

How does body sculpting work?

NeurotriS uses micro, nano, and pico current constant waveform technology to sculpt away excess fat while simultaneously toning your muscles and tightening your skin. 

The state-of-the-art microcurrent body sculpting system creates a perfect acoustic tune that stimulates your fat cells to shrink so dramatically you could lose a full dress size after your first session. A secondary set of frequencies contracts your muscles to improve tone and tighten your loose, sagging skin. 

The master estheticians at Ageless Beauty Rx use NeurotriS to firm, trim, and tone many areas of the body, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Arms

NeurotriS also eliminates cellulite on the hips, thighs, stomach, and upper arms. 

With body sculpting at Ageless Beauty Rx, the changes are gradual rather than drastic and look more natural than other invasive and noninvasive treatments. 

How often do I need face and body sculpting treatments?

Your master esthetician at Ageless Beauty Rx develops a personalized treatment plan based on your specific esthetic goals and wishes. 

Most people get the best results with a series of two weekly microcurrent therapy treatments for six weeks. To maintain results, the master estheticians recommend continued bi-monthly or monthly face or body sculpting sessions.

To learn more about face and body sculpting, call Ageless Beauty Rx or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation. 

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